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February 2004
Prosperity, Hybrid Musk, Shrub

 By Elaine Pawlikowski, CFRS Consulting Rosarian

Have you ever wished for an entryway or trellis draped in the luxurious splendor of a climbing rose?  While most modern climbers will fall short of your vision, there is a class of older shrub roses that can give you what you desire.  The Hybrid Musk roses, which were developed from relatives of the original musk rose, Rosa moschata, date back to the early 1900’s.  Hybrid Musks are classified as classic shrubs, but in Central Florida, can be grown as climbers.  Prosperity, a member of the Hybrid Musk family, is truly a romantic rose, whose trusses of creamy pink buds open to very double blooms of ivory white flushed with soft lemon at the center.  Prosperity is well suited to be grown over an arbor or pergola, as her large clusters of blooms, sometimes numbering over twenty, hang down to greet their admirer with sweet fragrance.  Hybrid Musk roses are known for their ability to bloom in semi-shaded locations, and Prosperity is one of the best.  She will reliability bloom with only four hours of sun each day.  Prosperity displays rapid growth, great vigor, and is largely aloof to the bugs, heat, humidity and fungal diseases that plague most modern climbing roses in our climate.   When searching for a reliable climbing rose with abundant blooms, think “Prosperity” – even her name guarantees success.

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